Contra Dances begin with two lines running the length of the hall, usually a line of men and a line of women facing each other.  These two lines are called a “set.”  You and a partner (who could be anyone) will join a set.  Each dance is taught from scratch so no experience is necessary. 

A “caller” will walk you slowly through simple figures in the dance, e.g. circle left.  When the music starts — usually with a lively band — the caller

lot of fun!  What do you


will continue "calling" out the figures to guide you.  Pretty simple.  And a

have to lose?

Here's a contradance.  Clip is 1min:30sec.  © Robert Logan

Contradance music is very lively and is often an Irish jig or reel.  Jigs are in 6/8 time (somewhat "bouncy" -- think of someone dancing a jig) and reels are in 4/4 time (think of someone walking briskly.)  The following music is a reel.   Clip is 2min:40sec.  Who wouldn't want to dance to this?!!!  © Robert Logan

Why We Contra Dance!  In this video, Chattahoochee Country Dancers tell why they contradance.  Short clips featuring several contra dancers and couples.  Clip is 7min:59 sec.

    "Positive energy"
             "Makes me happy"

      "Music & mahem"

                   "Pure joy"


    "Sense of community"

Last updated 9/14/20