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We rely on new and existing members for financial support. 
Your support enables us to book contra dance and music venues, pay musicians and callers, and cover accounting, legal, web hosting and other miscellaneous expenses.   We are a Montana, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Thank you!
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~ This page is best viewed on a computer rather than a smart phone. ~

Membership Levels

Memberships run from  Oct. 1 to Sep. 30, regardless of when you join during that period.  All memberships expire Sep. 30 and you will need to renew then.  Thank you.   We appreciate your understanding.

Individual           $25 (1 year)   $40 (2 years)
Family                $40 (1 year)   $70 (2 years)
Student              $15 (1 year)   $25 (2 years)
Limited Income $15 (1 year)   $25 (2 years)
Sustaining         $100 (1 year) $200 (2 years)

Here's How to Join or Renew (4 Steps)

1) You
must use a computer (not a smart phone) if paying by PayPal.
2) You
can use this form on a smart phone but must then mail us a check.
3) In short, we recommend using a computer not a smart phone

Step 1 of 4 - Please fill in your information  (whether paying by check or using PayPal)

Thanks for supporting the Missoula Folklore Society!
Please continue to pay your membership through one of the methods below.


  Note:    A $2.00 processing fee will be added to the prices below by using PayPal.

This page is best viewed on a computer not a smart phone.

Individual - 1 Year ($25)

Family - 1 Year ($40)

Student - 1 Year ($15)

Restricted Income - 1 Year ($15)

Sustaining - 1 Year ($100)

Individual - 2 Years ($40)

Family - 2 Years ($70)

Student - 2 Years ($25)

Restricted Income - 2 Years ($25)

Sustaining - 2 Years ($200)

Payment by Check

Mail and make payment to:

Missoula Folklore Society

PO Box 9296

Missoula, MT 59806

You're all done!  Thank you!

The Missoula Folklore Society is a Montana non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  Donations to it are tax-deductible.

Step 3 of 4 - Click the "Submit" button
Step 2 of 4 - Click your membership type
Step 4 of 4 - Payment Options

- PayPal (click a button below and be sure you're doing this on your computer and not on your smart phone.)
- Or mail us a check  (See our mailing address below the PayPal section.)
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